Tropical City State Weekend Sep 3-5

Dear reader,

The weekend greets us with open arms. If you haven’t got barristas in company, a picnic lawn with family awaits. Amidst the green, let’s spend some time in silence reflecting on the disasters of climate change today in crossword.
With freedom.
Joyce Woo
Tropical City State

Climate Change Caused 


courtesy of Crossword Weaver  


  1  Been   1  Biscuit
  4  Passing trends   2  An alarm
  8  Influence   3  Layer
14  Alternative (abbr.)   4  A type of apple
15  Part   5  Concerning
16  Type of star or watch   6  Funeral hymn
17  Not near   7  Pigpen
18  An "r" short of Jerry   8  Church part
19  Snobbish   9  Mold in plural
20  Taking away 10  Donate to the Mercy Relief through ATM transfer or Internet Banking, DBS Current Account 054-900493-6, for this calamity
22  Self-esteem 11  Prefix meaning "inner" like ___teric
23  Wicked:___less 12  Kitty
24  Shred 13  Chance
27  American state 21  Sharp noise
31  By Marc Jacobs 25  Gone by
33  Fuel 26  Flat boat
35  The one and only 28  Ancient Greek contest
36  The other half of Jima 29  Owl sound
38  Often poetically 30  Chances of winning
39  Thumbs up 32  Cash with order (abr.)
40  Mollusk on the table 34  Stair
44  Renters 37  Uno 
46  Bird by the sea 39  Rain boots
47  Licensed Practical Nurse (initials) 40  Informal for "Against"
49  Buddy 41  Keep afloat
50  Note of debt 42  Metal: ___inium
51  An American yes 43  Sword for fencing
52  To bring across 45  Brief sleep
55  Young of insect 48  Negative
58  Potato sprouts 53  Renter
61  Achy 54  Russian Three
63  A length of the pool 56  Mall
65  Wildwind Kompasu that struck South Korea 57  Vietnamese capital
67  Not animal 59  Piano practice piece
70  Sandwich fish 60  A council
71  Center 62  Terminated
72  River at its lowest level causing transport problems 64  Pennsylvania (abbr.)
73  False god graven image 66  Become lighter
74  Stretch to make do 67  In possession of
75  Wrench 68  Unidentified Members of Parliament (initials)
76  Give 69  Vandalise
77  Radiation dose 70  __-Tac-Toe


Word bank 


Solution to All that Rallying




Activities (events are admission free)

Music:  enjoy, make and chart. To treat the eyes, see paper on a screen (paperless) tonight.


Arts Infusion
Spend the first part of the Sunday afternoon chilling drinks and packing sandwiches into a picnic basket, then get set to lay on a lawn and watch a line-up of performances which opens with the Bedok View Secondary Angklung Ensemble in their glory of a previous win at the 2007 Heritage & Harmony Music & Dance Competition. Gamma:rays plays Gamelan, musically-gifted cousins Krsna, Govin, Dexter, Denise & Sheryl churns out Western Indochine tunes and the Orkestar Trio entertains with nusantara (Malay Archipelago) music. Fringe activities for the kids start an hour prior.
Sunday, 5pm to 6.30pm (fringe activities start an hour prior), Pasir Ris Park, D’Lawn, next to Carpark E
Click for full information  
SG Musicians Meetup
Anyone can be a musician. But yup yup getting into a body to share how you are already making waves, or to learn how to start using your musical talents might just make you a superstar overnight. Get your stage too at this meetup as everyone is invited to perform.
7pm, Singapore Polytechnic, Innovillage 
Call Jerry to book a place by 5pm at 6879 0470
TV: All Things Paper
Yesterday you watched Uganda, today you may not see Rwanda with its paper refugee shelters designed by Shigeru Ban, but get to see smaller structures made from paper. Paper is not just something for kids to play art and craft with or for Christmas pop-up cards, it is really a construction material. Tibetans and Japanese have always used paper to build their houses. Marvel at how flatness of paper transforms into three dimensions in tonight’s programme.
Channel NewsAsia, 8.31pm, 11.31pm
WWW: 987 Top 20 Charts
See what your mates are lovin’ on Singapore’s own charts. In the bigger scheme of things, if you are looking for more than 20, you got the Billboards and the UK top 40s .
Subjects today: Picnic and Music, Make Music, 3D Paper Cuttings, Music Hits 
Location today: Pasir Ris, Singapore Polytechnic

Other events and activities are available on

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"Be hospitable to one another without grumbling"…


Tropical City State Thurs Sep 2

Dear reader,

Just things to do today. How did you like the crosswords?
Joyce Woo
Tropical City State

Activity (all events are admission free)


Tech but not Tokyo at Comex, i.e the Computer Exposition. Have ears and an eye on Africa.
COMEX Show 2010
The big IT trumpet of the year is here again. With credit cards tying-up with products in a bid to entice your use of card over cash, and splashes of advertising and product write-ups bombarding pages of the papers, this already looks like something to turn your ears to. I will say it’s worth a visit even if you are not intending to buy a 3D TV set, well, since you already have a LED, LCD or plasma one. Go gawk at the pasar malam salesmanship on display, watch a 3D movie without actually having to purchase anything if you can withstand standing throughout a whole 90 mins or so with people buzzing around you like bees, or do the usual aunty price-comparison exercise putting to good use mental math you learnt in school, leaving fairly empty-handed but happy to have figured out the cheapest buy possible in the market. You might get so hooked that you find yourself going everyday this weekend. Ends this Sunday.
Noon to 9pm, Suntec Singapore Levels 1 to 6
Click for full information
Eye On Africa: Unearthing Uganda’s Energy Potential (Episode 1)
Instead of animals of Africa, tune in to see humans and human activity in Africa. The first episode features Uganda and its economic position within the continent.
Channel News Asia, 6.02pm
Subjects today: IT, African cities
Location today: City Hall
Other events and activities are available on All events and things found published in Free-o-free are absolutely free. There are no strings attached like minimum purchase required. 
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Not to please men, but look to him who tests our hearts.

Tropical City State Wed Sep 1

Dear reader,

The mood these couple of days seems to be sanguine with more real and animated save the world stories (saviours of the BP crisis and Mariposa) neutrality of women and more awareness of a green lifestyle. The word’s lifestyle.
Have a wise Wednesday.
Joyce Woo
Tropical City State

crosswordAll that Rallying


courtesy of Crossword Weaver  

Across Down
1 The alphabet 1 Insane
5 Bill 2 Infant
8 Cozy room 3 Prune
11 To ___ an appetite 4 Tier
15 Thick drink 5 Rank
16 The other half of Jima 6 Marvel
17 A streak of light 7 Skeletal part
18 Promise 8 Hang
19 Off-Broadway award 9 Deserved
20 X 10 Big Apple (abbr.)
21 Curve 11 Had on, as clothing
22 Costa ___ 12 Call
23 Oil rig builder, one of the two saviours of the BP crisis 13 Carve
25 Sports Channel 14 Food like tomyam
27 Capital of the old British India 24 Self
28 Hair glue 26 What a dropped melon does
30 Pet ___(annoyance) 27 More beloved
32 Relationship 29 Runny
36 Unwell 31 Animal doc
38 Determined 32 Past of run
43 Seaweed substance 33 Gone by
44 Crouch 34 Little bit
46 A Russian three 35 Wrath
47 Knob 37 Tranquilized
48 Muslim ruler 29 House pet
50 Heron 40 Mr.
51 Bride’s headdress 41 Stretch to make do
52 Cheater 42 A tooth for a tooth is as tit for ___
54 Poisonous snake 44 South southeast
58 Glitch 45 A new division set up to oversee immigration, ____ and population policies
60 El ____ (Texas city) 49 Finest
64 Connected 51 Dressing table
66 Receiver of a gift 53 Dined
67 Move quickly 54 Bovine
68 Mud (2 wds.) 55 Single
70 Possessive pronoun 56 Sandwich
71 Quoted 57 Free of
72 Not heads 59 Force acceptance
74 Cooking measurement 60 Measure of air pollution
76 Mimicry 61 Enact
80 Domestic friends 62 Take to court
82 Spring holiday 63 Can’t be matched
87 Male beauty 65 Time period
88 Cation 69 Warning
89 Also known as (abbr.) 71 Accountant
91 Lug 73 Slow
92 Employer 75 Unpleasant
93 Often poetically 76 70’s music group
94 Words per minute in short 77 Very poor person
95 Water (Spanish) 78 Compass point
96 Up the ____ 79 Tactic
97 Alien’s spaceship 81 Wood cutting tools
98 Timid 83 A twinkling planet
99 This extension will ease Singapore’s traffic congestion 84 A country
85 Decorative needle case
  86 Factual
  88 Promissory note
  90 Speed Rate



Events (all admissions free)

If you like to see real women, head down to the Regent SIngapore. Watch not a damsel in distress but a fairy heroine, and make energy-saving an indispensable part of your life today.


Where the Sidewalk Ends- Poetic Portraits by Alpana Vij: An Art Exhibition

This series captures expressions of women who have eyes looking away. Artist Alpana Vij painted these un-posed figures while contemplating the fundamentals of human nature, raw and unassuming.
11am-7pm, The Gallery of Gnani Arts, #01-05, The Regent Singapore, One Cuscaden Road
Click here for more information
TV: Barbie Mariposa: A teacher’s day special
Most of us adults don’t have teachers anymore but it is still a good idea to watch the teacher’s day special tonight to take your mind away from life’s constant battles for a while. See how a curious butterfly fairy named Mariposa breaks out of Flutterfield to save the outside world which she knows nothing about. The light-hearted animation of a rescue mission adventure may just throw some light onto how seemingly death-threatening deadlines at the office can be met with fairy-like grace.
# okto, 7pm
WWW: For Energy-savers
We all know how easy it is for us to indulge in the romance of green by going on park walks and nature trails. This website might just kick you out of your honeymoon mode and slap you right into a married life of saving the trees instead. Visit this fantastic website which provides energy saving methods and the shopping ways of an environmentally conscious person living the green lifestyle.
Subjects today: Indian Art, Animated Adventure, Energy-saving
Location today: Orchard
Other events and activities are available on All events and things published are absolutely free. There are no strings attached like minimum purchase required. 
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If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peacably with all men.

Tropical City State Tues Aug 31

Dear reader,

Just events for today. 
Joyce Woo
Tropical City State
The prudent man acts with knowledge….


Events (all admissions free)
Getting out: Poke fun at mascaraders, which may include yourself, and excite ears and eyes with crooner Kevin Matthews. Get wound up with the rationale of the human mind on TV tonight and check out festivals festivals festivals online.
Supah Poke’, how are you feeling today? by Traseone x Zero x DMR (Ditch my Routine): An Art Installation
If you realise, this installation has a lengthy title and is done by an artist with an equally lengthy name. If you didn’t find that very funny, maybe you will the installation to be so. Presented in scenarios, the neon paste-on colours and Johnny Bravos render the ego-flattering effects of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other internet social conglomerates on users most comically. It makes your walk down the tunnel more than worthwhile as you get to places in the City Hall area through the labyrinth of the underground. 
Retail opening hours, Esplanade Tunnel 
Click here for full information  
Localmotion – A Tribute to S-Rock by Kevin Matthews 
Kevin has written soundtracks for local flavoured films like "Mee Pok Man", "12 Storeys", "The Carrot Cake Conversations" and "Be with Me". I have not done my research to find if he has won any ‘best film music’ awards but his chart-popper "My One & Only" sure makes him one to listen to. Click here for the tune most will probably find familiar with.  He will be performing Singapore originals along with band Cove Red tonight.
7.15pm and 8.15pm, Esplanade Concourse
Click here for full information
TV: Weird Or What (Debut) (PG)
Mysteries and strange phenomena I would call the wonders of God. As humans rationalise irrational happenings like how a woman survived a fall 50 storeys high to why rocks and boulders in the Death Valley desert move, I can only marvel at how intelligent God has made situation analysts to connect worldly facts and figures together so as to match a consequence.
okto, 10pm
WWW: Festivals festivals festivals
With so much going on it’s hard to focus on what you really want. Find out more about the festivals to which Sistic is selling tickets to here and decide if you want to click and book.
Subjects today: Contemporary Art, Singapore Music, Mysteries
Location today: Singapore River

Tropical City State Mon Aug 30


After 2 months of Free-o-free, here’s an extension of content for your fun frivolity: a themed crossword and Picpick, a captioned photo. The usual Free-o-free listings are now in the Events section.

Still, enjoy freely.
Joyce Woo
Tropical City State

Events (all admissions free)

On what to do, before catching the crowded bus or train this evening, immerse in space first at the gallery and then for some business company at dinner, tune in to Channel News Asia.



Selected Singapore Masters
Walk into a gallery late this afternoon for a refreshing change of atmosphere. The current exhibition at SBin showcases the work of 10 distinguished Singapore artists who have contributed to the weaving of the softer side of society.
Check with gallery for opening hours, MICA Building, SBin Art Plus Gallery, 140 Hill Street #01-10/11/12 
Click here for details
China Money Mind
The Chinese economy is a huge jigsaw puzzle and get a glimpse on TV tonight of the piece that is western China. Tonight’s programme gives insights on how it has transformed with ideas taken from US business models and how they are localised to meet real needs on the ground.
7.32pm or 12.31am on Channel NewsAsia
Subjects today: Singapore Art, Chinese economy
Location today: Singapore River, On your Couch
Other events and activities are available on There are no strings attached like minimum purchase required. 
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Money monkeys


courtesy of Crossword Weaver 


1 Hotel

4 Improvise a Speech

9 Strum

14 Standard or average

15 Egyptian capital

16 Controls

17 Epoch

18 Indian Money

19 Metal bar

20 Spider’s web

22 Computer picture button

24 Lazy

25 Orange peel

27 Handout

31 Potato sprouts

32 Tunes

33 Promissory note

34 Islamic-compliant bonds

36 Perceive

38 Net

40 Beginning of careers or courses

42 Softness

43 German engraver Albrecht

44 Par of a min.

45 Harvest

47 Bode

51 Journey

53 Speak loudly

54 Evergreen tree

55 __ matter

57 Turn quickly

59 Unleavened bread

62 Japanese dish

65 Help

66 Unsociable

67 Anesthetic

68 Harden

69 Station

70 Run down

71 Compass point



1 Coins

2 Mock play

3 Cultivatable

4 Land measurement

5 Smear

6 Mouth part

7 Anger

8 Maker of 7_7s

9 Three

10 Reddish dye

11 Big truck

12 Spanish "one"

13 Clock time

21 Cooking oil brand

23 Discs

25 Trounce

26 Pen Stuff

28 Pocket fiber

29 Green seedless plant

30 Take to court

32 Winter sport

35 Unidentified flying object

36 South by east

37 Continent

38 Landing

39 Rush

40 Plural

41 White-tailed sea eagle

42 Pacific Standard Time

43 Eastern state

45 Exercise place

46 New item on Singapore balance sheets

48 Illusion

49 Wants

50 Sewing need

52 Wind instrument

56 Garret

57 Molt

58 Lean

59 Angry

60 Lager

61 Go beyond

63 Southwestern Indian

64 That girl








The way of the unfaithful is hard…

Free-o-free Weekend Aug 27-29

A fool lays open his folly….


Hello ,


A family weekend this time round, 3 activities to do together: Go for a nature walk smelling and picking spices at the Fort Canning, run up and hug the sponge called Bob and take some time out doing some cheesy things.



Joyce Woo
Revisiting History Embracing Nature: The Fort Canning Spice Trail
Spices, one of the most important commodities of trade in the early days of this region are now kept growing in the many parks and gardens around Singapore. There is one at the fort canning which is having a walking tour this weekend. Yes, we all like to eat the Ngo Hiang your Nonya mama will lovingly roll, but few recognise the powder as a combination of cloves, cinnamon and ground fennel seeds. Find them all in this walk. Bring water, a hat, sunglasses and dress in sweat-tolerant clothing and comfortable footwear.
Saturday, 4pm to 6pm, Fort Canning Park (meet at the courtyard opposite NParks Visitor Centre, Fort Centre)
Click here for details
Spongebob Squarepants: Meet and Greet
The good way to deal with your kids’ overkill of Spongebob cartoons on TV and video games is to meet Spongebob himself in his square pants. He is coming to cheer the young on Sunday and maybe act his usual silly.
Sunday, 2.30pm and 6pm, Downtown East at the Event Square
Click here for details  
Kraft Singles Smiles Food Fair
See the people cook up a storm with Kraft Cheese and stay around to eat a sample of the food. And if your kids are still at the age when colouring and puzzles are still intriguing, you will be sure they will be entertained in this fair. There will also be cheesy games onstage for a chance to win prizes.
Saturday and Sunday, All day, Ang Mo Kio Hub
Subjects today: Nature Walk, Cartoon,Food
Location today: Fort Canning, Pasir Ris, Ang Mo Kio

Other events and activities are available on All events and things found published in Free-o-free are absolutely free. There are no strings attached like minimum purchase required. 

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Free-o-free Thurs Aug 26

Good understanding gains favour…




A Swiss take on Bali, Singapore’s favourite spectator sport  and closing of the current convocation of spectator sports: the very first Youth Olympic Games held in Singapore.
Enjoy freely.




Joyce Woo
Paul Husner on Bali
Enjoy happy contemporary paintings of Bali with her volcanoes, padi fields, fishermen and domestic women. Swiss artist Paul Husner captures the essence of Indo without the complex and sometimes mind-boggling intricacies often found in Indonesian fine art.
11am to 6pm, One East Artspace, #03-02 Thong Sia Building, 30 Bideford Road 
Click here for details
Supported by:
The Embassy of Switzerland
Closing Ceremony of the Youth Olympic Games 2010 on TV Live
Another competitive season comes to a close tonight culminating in celebration of sportsmanship. High-energy performances will honour the youthfulness and friendships audiences and sportsmen of different nationalities shared in the last 12 days, and the traditional passing of the Olympic torch to the next hosting city will end the ceremony.
HD5 and Channel 5, 7.30pm
Singapore Football League
Let the fever following the cubs’ bronze win at the Youth Olympic Games continue with the Singapore Football League. Get the latest here.
Subjects today: Contemporary Art, YOG Closing, Singapore Football, 
Location today: Thong Sia Building, At Home

Other events and activities are available on All events and things found published in Free-o-free are absolutely free. There are no strings attached like minimum purchase required. 

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Free-o-free Wed Aug 25

Arise for this matter is your responsibility. We also are with you. Be of good courage, and do it…


Hello ,


Wednesdays are gross because they are sandwiched between the blues (Monday blues) and the thank gods (TGIFs), making them pretty lukewarm. To shake things up a little, get ready for a tour across the causeway starting tomorrow without physically doing so, walk in South India without moving a leg and get around dog tags and treats. Join everyone else who are saying something about a gruesome accident..


Joyce Woo
Starting Tomorrow- Causeway Exchange: A lighter side of Malaysia
Another bridge to Malaysia, and you don’t have to cross the Causeway. This festival showcases arts that are truly Malaysian, quite a rare concept as most of us never thought of what being Malaysian meant. Go onto their website to check out what which performances catch your fancy. Here are some exhibition highlights:
In Her Own Words: A Celebration of Humanity and Universal Love
Artist Kevin Bathman pays tribute to late Malaysian visionary filmmaker, Yasmin Ahmad drawing inspiration from her blog.
10am to 10pm, Print Gallery, The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane

Wayang Kita-Kita
Human emotions are strong wrestlers over sanity in light and hence not used sparingly by film-makers to provoke audiences. See visual art using black and white film stills from the oldest Malay movies. The work intends to portray the universal human emotions of chinta (which means ‘love’ in English), dendam (vengence) and ayermata (tears).
10am to 10pm , Film Gallery, The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane

Click here for full information on performances in all categories: stand-up comedy, theatre, film screenings, visual and digital art.  
Tamil night: Appa
Get a cut of Tamil Nadu in this movie on free-to-air TV tonight that tells of a retired teacher when faced with his ex-student, comes to terms with life and its challenges.
10.30pm, #Vasantham
Tags & Treats
Artist Vincent Leow is taking a new road, marking a milestone in his life. He seems to have an affection for animals as he used to be known for coloured cows, but now they will be dogs in his dog Tags & Treats exhibit.
10am – 7pm, SAM at 8Q, 8 Queen Street, a 10-minute walk from Dhoby Ghaut or City Hall MRT Stations


Click here for full information ↘ 

Forum Frivolity
Be amazed by how much more people have to say about deaths and accidents than how to live with your grandparents these days. 
Subjects today: Malaysian Art, Tamil Movie, Singapore Art
Location today: Singapore River, Bras Basah, On your Couch 

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Free-o-free Tues Aug 24

In this world, not of this world..


Hello ,


Stay absolute as young artists give you a glimpse of their minds. Go running tonight if you didn’t last Tuesday or get tinted with Japanese Pop by an accomplished artist. 

At your desk, another source of free streaming videos with a common message. 



Joyce Woo
A Persistent Illusion
5 young artists paint out their perceptions which they would rather call illusions rather than reality. Go enjoy their textural art as a result and walk through the exhibition holding your own. Others’ perceptions can etch on our brains but at the end of the day, light remains light, and darkness still darkness regardless.
11am to 7pm, Forest Rain Gallery, 261 Waterloo Street, #02-43/44
Click for full information
Here are some of the artists’ websites:
Ruben Pang   Jodi Tan  Ashley Yeo
I-Run @ River Promenade
Again, you run, I run, we run. It’s Tuesday. Start running every Tuesday from today. Get to choose distances of 3, 5 and 10 kilometres to suit your fitness level. Please come even if you have not run since your school days. You will get around it.
6.30pm to 7.30pm, Singapore River Promenade (next to UOB Plaza)
Click here for full information
Electric Psychedelic Projections
Pop artist Keichii Tanaami, is having his video works projected at the Werk Hothouse. Tell me why but the big head dolls in his paintings seem to reflect the same queer demure expression as the artist himself. It will be interesting to see what other oddities will be observed from the videos. The show coincides with issue #18 of Werk which features Tanaami.
Projection times: 11am, 1pm, 4pm, 6pm, Werk Hothouse, 11 Mount Sophia, #01-01
Werk issue #18 is available at all Kinokuniya bookstores
Eco Music Challenge 2010
Enjoy streaming music videos spieling Eco, Green, Conservation. Submitted by song-writers, bedroom singers and exhibitionists. 
Subjects today: Singapore Art, Running, Video Art 
Location today: Bugis, Singapore River, Prinsep Street 

Other events and activities are available on All events and things found published in Free-o-free are absolutely free. There are no strings attached like minimum purchase required. 

Disclaimer: All views are that of the publisher only

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Free-o-free Mon Aug 23

We also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope..



Hello ,

Not much action this Monday, but a lot of watching and viewing. Movie posters that did their work to pull the crowds into the Cathay theatres going way back to the ’30s, an emotional roller-coaster ride available in an industrial estate, and a whirlwind romance on TV.




Joyce Woo
The Magic of Movie Marketing
As part of Cathay’s 75th birthday programme, the Cathay gallery is exhibiting a collection of movie posters and promotional material since Cathay’s inception in the ’30s. Avid movie poster collector or movie-go-er or not, come visit this sanctuary where pieces of Cathay’s history sit, for a piece of the reel world.
Noon to 8pm, The Cathay Gallery, Level 2, The Cathay
Click for full information  
Carnival: Paintings And Installation by He Jia
Inspired by societal ills of his city, stemming from vanity, desire, fear and confusion, he questions the hysteria of living in a world close to fantasy and the disorientation which makes balance a skilful act. Staged in bright colours and using a juxtaposition of images, this exhibition is bound to rock the boat of your heart. He Jia’s works are in the Rolex Geneva Foundation (Switzerland) collection.
11am to 7pm, Art Seasons, 7 Kaki Bukit Road 1, Eunos Technolink #02-12
Click here for full information and location directions
Designed By Love
Get into the romance of India as you come cosy with a folklore adorned with song and dance tonight.
8.31pm or 11.31pm, Channel NewsAsia 
Click here for full information
Subjects today: Movie Memorabilia, Contemporary Art, Romance
Location today: Dhoby Ghaut, Eunos, On your CouchSubjects today: Movie Memorabilia, Contemporary Art, Romance
Location today: Dhoby Ghaut, Eunos, On your Couch

Other events and activities are available on All events and things found published in Free-o-free are absolutely free. There are no strings attached like minimum purchase required. 

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